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Our Mission

”Without community, a restaurant is just what? .....Eating”
David Hagedorn, Ugly Delicious


Ethnic Fusion Cuisine

VEN - A Communal Eatery is a new business in Ridgecrest, California serving ethnic fusion cuisine. We opened for business on July 11, 2020, and we specialize in community-driven ethnic fusion cuisine. Fusion food takes elements, characteristics, and flavors from different dishes and fuses them together to create a new dish. Ethnic fusion cuisine takes elements, characteristics, and flavors from various ethnic and cultural cuisines and fuses them together to create a new cohesive dish.

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Our mission is to bring people together around food and drink. Food connects us to our present and our pasts and allows us to know better ourselves and our various cultural influences and those of others. We expand our experiences through food. Food opens our eyes to the world around us and, in turn, opens our lives to others. VEN is the Spanish word for “come,” and we invite everyone with a desire for something a little different to ”come and eat.”


"Fantastic flavor and amazing service! I'm looking forward to continuing to trying your menu! Highly recommend!"

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